Oh Boy! I forgot to say Rabbit Rabbit!

6 days ago, that is.

I’m a little superstitious. Not a lot, just a little. So as soon as I knew about the whole Hare Hare, Rabbit Rabbit thing, I started trying to remember to do it. If I forget, it really bugs me! Are you superstitious with certain things? People have favorite hats and outfits, but I’m not materialistic that way 😉

I started a walking challenge with my cousin yesterday. Once a week, we will check in with each other and keep tabs on how much we’re walking. We started on Tuesday. So far, I have done zero miles of walking. Oh my God, am I lazy. I guess I figure I’ll walk about 20 miles on Sunday. No problem, easy peasy.

In order to be able to run the Resolution 5k on January 1st, I’ll need to start getting my butt into gear pdq. Walking is the perfect way to start and besides, even if I start running I’ll still add those distances to the challenge. It would be cray cray to assume that I could walk, run, and zumba and still beat my cousin at the challenge. I must give myself at least a hope in hell.

My first plan is to walk as much as possible in the next three weeks or so, then start gradually adding minutes or metres of running into the walks. I hope this works better than the Couch to 5k program. When I was on that, it just went too quickly for me and I started getting shin splints all the time and it was not a happy time for me.

My Dog is still around, still eating, still walking. Maybe I should have counted her steps for the last two days and added that into my challenge.

I rue the day when I have to work up the courage to speak with a family member about some hard issues. It won’t be this week, but I think it might be next week. Blurgh. I don’t wanna! Can’t make me!

Also, this stupid dog park. Honestly, It’s taking forever to put up a fence. One fence. One little, itsy-bitsy fence. Ok, the dog park is not stupid. Ommmm. The circumstances around it are. I hope it gets done soon because frankly I am tired of thinking about it so much.

I’m fresh out of ideas…

about how to get back into running.

Oh, eh, yeah i’m still being relatively healthy and going to Zumba and taking Dog for walks and watching what i’m eating. Mostly. But this running thing, it’s driving me mad.

This month has been so hectic and unbalanced. In the last two years since my last major Life Upheaval, i’ve been able to keep things pretty balanced, pretty sane. This month, September, is my nemesis.

It’s been a wicked month dealing with Dog being diagnosed with lymphoma, my family going feets-up craziieee and bringing up things that have been buried over thirty years, getting a toothache, getting my tooth pulled, getting a gum infection, someone trying to use my credit fraudulently, not being social. at. all., plans being cancelled for the silliest of reason and feeling like a dummy. But that’s no different than usual I suppose.

I tell you, this has been one hell of a month.

But it’s not going to get me down. Too much. I will be signing up for the Resolution Run 5k on Jan 1st. Suck on that, Life.

A Quick Summary of My Week


Sept 7 Zumba; run errands

Sept 8 Zumba; groceries

Sept 9 meetings and bank trips and a sick dog = not a fun day

Sept 10 push up challenge; paint; run errands

Sept 11 golf; paint; run errands

What a re-cap! Woohoo! Was that as exciting for you as it was for me?

Well, aside from the obvious “haven’t run a single step in the last week” I think I’ve done pretty well in continuing to move this week. And it’s pretty balanced in terms of work and play. I finally got the stupid deck painted. I finally managed to get my bum to the paint store to fix the color for my hallway. I finally did a bank trip that’s been waiting for me for weeks now. Finally, finally, finally.

The bad news is that this week will be just as full as “errands” as last week. Blegh.

Maybe even more so, because I have plans all weekend that don’t include working or doing any errands. It’s all about the PLAY on the weekend. So I guess the weekdays need to make up for all that schnitzel.

Fall is Coming? Bring it On.

I’ve been daydreaming, I admit…

Cupcakes. These ones are red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

I can’t seem to help myself. Maybe it’s because i’ve been eating a lot of baked chicken and salad greens lately. I’m almost all salad-greened out. The great thing about complaining about being all salad-greened out is this:

oh haha, looks like i ate it before i could take a picture.

 Namely, complaining about it so much that your co-worker brings you the coffee break item of the day from the cafeteria… poppyseed cake with cream cheese icing. I’ll take it, co-worker. Any day at all.

Thank goodness I hit up a Zumba class last night and burned around 1,000 calories (shut up, that’s what i’m telling myself). And if that isn’t enough, i’ll also be attending a Zumba class tonight and burning another 1,000 calories. You betcha. Boogy. Or salsa. Whatever.

My afternoon snack yesterday was much healthier, and it even tasted good.

Skinny B cereal, yogurt, homemade granola bar. It’s so healthy I can’t even stand it.
So, while I will more than likely be walking at my next 5k event, you can bet i’ll be walking with a purpose. A couple, actually. The first to raise money towards cancer research. The second to start off a fall regiment (sans bootcamp… i’ve officially resigned from bootcamp) to pick-up my forsaken cardiovascular system, brush it off, and get it moving again.
Are you getting into fall routines in regards to exercise and/or eating?

Pi Day? Who knew? not I…

I can’t believe it’s Pi Day. How fantastic is that? I even have a pie at home that I will be getting into this evening simply because it’s Pi Day, goshdarnit. ThankyouPiDay.

Happy Pi Day 🙂

Anyways, I had a good weekend. I Zumba’d on Saturday night for almost three hours, booyah. I was going to run in the morning too, but I changed my mind because… well, because I figured the couch was a better idea at the time. I ran on Sunday instead, with the Dog. It wasn’t that much fun, ’cause I had to keep her on-leash. I’m very glad that I didn’t fall once during the many, many instances where she got under my feet.

me (well, not really - i'm female. and younger. and dog (well, cat in this picture. but close to the same color if that means anything).

 I didn’t get very far, either. But, a run is a run is a run.