Run Run Run

Since my post yesterday, i’ve been struggling with getting back to the gym and jogging some more.  It’s been tough.  Last night I even wigged out on my gym buddy.  Sure, I gave her some great excuses (i.e. grocery shopping, checking fluids in my vehicle, washing my hair etc) but really?  I could have made the time to get the jogging in.  I can always make time for my priorities, it’s only a matter of continuing to view them as ‘priorities’.  I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment with other things.  Work things, personal things, travel things, etc.  It’s all kind of making my shoulders ache, and I needed to drop something in order to keep my posture straight.  Perhaps I dropped the wrong thing, but I need to work to make money and i’m already invested in certain travel arrangements that can’t be rearranged.  I also sabotaged myself during the weekend by thinking it would be okay to go out and eat a heavy meal and drink a few drinks with friends, which kept me from jogging the next day.  This is probably where I need to put some effort in.  Going out with friends is great, but I can’t let it take on the chain of events that require late (REALLY late) nights and slept-through mornings.

It’s all a learning process, and I guess what i’m saying is that even though it may not seem like it, i’m not giving up.  I’m not changing my mind.  There are certain things I want out of life, and this is one of ’em.  I’m not even close to being about to give up the little bit i’ve already accomplished.  No way.  I may be struggling, yes, but it ain’t over.

My world is showing the first signs of Spring.  The snow is beginning to melt and the days are becoming longer.  There is a short trail through a park nearby that weaves in and out of the trees and has a few small (very small) ups and downs.  Normally, I walk it with my dog during the spring and summer months, and it is wonderful.  Quiet, beautiful, serene.  I want to jog it this year.  I’ve tried before, but this year I want to jog the whole thing.  I don’t know how long it is, maybe around the 3 mile mark, but I feel that it would be a great accomplishment for me.

So you see?  Nope, not giving up.  Run, Run, Run.