Well, I am pretty gosh darn excited. I bought myself a new pair of runners on Saturday. I got re-fitted and everything, just because of the shin splints. So I now have a new fancy pair of asics that I have a month to break-in and find out if they’ll work for me.

Boring color. Comfy shoe.

I tried them out playing wallyball last night. It felt incredibly strange, seeing as they are a whole size larger than my old pair of Mizunos. But I think it worked out well. Of course, the true test will come when I actually run in them.

The left knee is still feeling fragile. Too many jerky movements at wallyball; but hot damn did we play well! I almost wanted someone to video tape it and post us on You Tube. Ha!┬áTotal superstars, what’s who we are.

I think today will be the day to test out the shoes on the treadmill. If the treadmill works, that is. And doesn’t start smoking, or smelling like burnt rubber.