Pi Day? Who knew? not I…

I can’t believe it’s Pi Day. How fantastic is that? I even have a pie at home that I will be getting into this evening simply because it’s Pi Day, goshdarnit. ThankyouPiDay.

Happy Pi Day 🙂

Anyways, I had a good weekend. I Zumba’d on Saturday night for almost three hours, booyah. I was going to run in the morning too, but I changed my mind because… well, because I figured the couch was a better idea at the time. I ran on Sunday instead, with the Dog. It wasn’t that much fun, ’cause I had to keep her on-leash. I’m very glad that I didn’t fall once during the many, many instances where she got under my feet.

me (well, not really - i'm female. and younger. and dog (well, cat in this picture. but close to the same color if that means anything).

 I didn’t get very far, either. But, a run is a run is a run.