Two Day Countdown

That’s right. I start my countdowns at the Two Days Left mark.

My run this morning leaves me feeling weighed, measured, and found wanting. I’m getting so frustrated with not being able to move my friggin feet that i’m near ready to give up again. But I won’t. But seriously, 39 minutes to jog 2.8 miles? Ridiculous. Really.

And it’s possible that i’m not jogging enough times in the week to enable myself to become speedier, but the thing is… I can’t. If I run more than twice a week, my shins kill me. Ah, whatever. Time to analyse some things and try a different way. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, lemme hear it. Constructive criticism is a good thing and I probably need to have my ears clapped anyways.

Bring it! Come on!

you’re squishing an already dead ant.

With the clever addition of boot camp classes in the beginning of January, i’ve all but fallen off the face of the earth. It’s burnout time.

I know, I know. I’ve only heard it ten million times. “don’t burn yourself out”you’ll end up right back where you started” etc, etc.

With the stress of covering two positions at work throughout the month of January, I needed something to help me let out my frustrations. And boot camp was the perfect way to go about this. I paid someone to continually beat the snot out of me twice a week, and went on my merry way. I definitely did not look forward to boot camp sessions, but they were a wickedly cool stress reliever and I was more than happy to let it all out. I also “let out” two pounds, which was awesome. January worked out pretty well… February however, not so much.

Tuesday, 1st – boot camp, 1&1/2 hours. beaten to a drooling mess.

Wednesday 2nd – stomach flu 😦 boo. it all reminded me of this song:

“Don’t you put it in your mouth (don’t put it in your mouth),

Don’t stuff it in your face (don’t stuff it in your face),

Though it might look good to eat (might look good to eat),

And it might look good to taste (might look good to taste),

You could get sick,

Real quick,

Real sick,

Real… ick!”

Thursday 3rd – sick

Friday 4th – sick

Saturday 5th – watched friend knock ice off my roof using a rickety extension ladder and a metal file. very. exciting. indeed.

Sunday 6th – stared at wall in a focused effort to not get off the couch for any reason other than to open the fridge door. Mission: Success.

Monday 7th – screw it; i’d rather watch a Glee marathon.

Tuesday 8th – i’d love to make some oatmeal quick bread (link below); ok, i will! Yum! Oh, is it 7pm already? Might as well go to bed, then.

Wednesday 9th – my lovely grandma is making me dinner tonight at her place at 5pm. absolutely no time to exercise. nope.

It’s like i’m snuffing the life out of my exercise routine. Squishing an already dead ant.


Week 2; Day 2

is done. thank God.

I had a rushed afternoon yesterday.  Or maybe it was just that it felt rushed because I had a whole bunch of little piddly things to do.  After work, I wanted to rinse the dirt and dust off my vehicle so I stopped at a nearby car wash before heading home.  Got that done and once at home I changed into my running gear and made sure I had my ear muffs, garmin, and ear buds ready to go.  Then had to go downtown to get my bangs trimmed and some waxing done for a wedding this weekend.  I gotta wear a skirt.  Really.  It’s going to be so uncomfortable.  But I digress.  I just barely made it out to the park road with my car (which just made it dusty all over again) on time.  Got the ear muffs on, attached the ear buds and started up the Couch25k program on my phone.  Week 2, day 2.  Exciting.

After waiting a moment for running buddy to show up, we started our warm-up walk, during which time I set my garmin and started the timer, and pushed start on my phone.  After about 4 minutes of walking, my phone told me to run – so run we did.  For about 30 seconds.  Then my phone told us to walk.  So we did.  I knew something was wrong – week 2, day 2 of the program had running sections of 90 seconds, not 30.  But we went with it.  Another two minutes of walking, then we ran.  30 seconds.  Then walked.  I tried to make the program reset itself and sometime after that second “run”, it finally started working correctly.  I don’t know what happened.  Anyways, we lost some time obviously, but whatever.

This was another difficult run.  My knees hurt, my lungs were burning.  Yeah, mostly my lungs were burning and it felt like I was going to hurl at any moment.  Those are the days where you wish you were running alone on an empty road so no one would ever know.  It was 20 long minutes of wanting to hurl at around the one minute mark of each run section.  I hope i’m not getting sick again.

So, I gotta figure this out, right?  What the heck was the problem?

1) What did I drink during the day?  3 litres of water, 1 cup strong coffee with a square of brown sugar.

2) What did I eat during the day?  AM – oatmeal, PM – turkey and mashed potatoes, 1 serving cheesies (it’s my weakness).  More?  Less? Knock the cheesies? (you gotta know I can’t do that).

3) How was I feeling during the day?  Good.  Coughing a little, sneezed a few times, but good.  Now, mentally is another story altogether.  I’m starting to think i’m nothing but a big grump most workdays.

4) How much sleep did I get the night before?  The required 7 – 8 hours.  I don’t know exactly, but I do know that I would’ve been in bed by 11 and up around 7.

Help?  I figure it’s either mental and I need to kick the ass that’s hanging around in my brain, or i’m still sick and I just don’t realize it.  That would be strange seeing as I like to whine and complain about EVERYTHING.


Is totally not being summed up the way I was hoping at the beginning of the month.

I believe April will be a write-off.  Can I write off a whole month?  I’m going to, it has to be.  There’s no saving it now.

I got a case of the Stomach Flu, and it kicked my butt.  I have a wicked head cold and respiratory cough that threatens to knock me clean off my feet everytime I sneeze or cough.  I work for two hours and need to nap for three.  Every few minutes at work I hear “Bless You” or “Whoa”, because if I didn’t hold a kleenex in front of my face at all times, everyone and their kid would be smushed up against the wall in a thick layer of phlegm.  That’s gross.

Dristan and Neo-Citran and Advil and blah-de-blah blah blah are all helping to keep me unfocused and I don’t know if you can tell in this post, but i’m grumpy too.

Amusingly enough, the topper occurred when I was making myself pancakes yesterday for lunch and set off the fire alarm at home.  I couldn’t hear anything for four hours after that besides a loud buzzing in my ears.  And the pancakes sucked, even floating in syrup they sucked.

I don’t plan to jog until I feel a bit better.  Maybe by then April will be over with and i’ll be able to start the new month with a better attitude.  Gotta have bad times every so often… they make the good times much much better!


I feel like some flu-like bug is having it’s way with me.  I have done nothing for the past two days except nurse a splitting headache and feel sorry for myself.  Due to the whole ‘self-pity’ thing, last night I even managed to eat a whole bucket full of soft ice cream, with oreo cookies.  Did I mention i’m slightly lactose-intolerant?  I feel a little nauseus this morning.

Tuesday was a bad day.  I was taking meds because of the whole headache thing, and suffice to say I did not get a whole lot of work done.  And I was hungry.  All day.  Some of my thoughts from that day:

“…And I’m tired.  And hungry.  So hungry, in fact, that I’ve been gnawing on the lid to my pen for the last hour to try and keep the damn pig from getting out of its cage.  Give me another half hour and I’ll break necks to get as close to the vending machine as possible.  I even already have the money safely tucked away in my pants pocket.  $3.  $3 should get me something good to eat.”

And I wonder why people think i’m crazy.

The weather has a lot to do with my mood.  I mean, if I didn’t have a migraine bringing me down, the weather would have anyways.  Rainy.  Cold.  Cloudy.  Miserable.  If it makes a difference, I plan on jogging after work today.  I plan on eating a great big muther of a chocolate bar, and then going for a jog with the dog.  And then crashing for the rest of the night.