Oh Boy! I forgot to say Rabbit Rabbit!

6 days ago, that is.

I’m a little superstitious. Not a lot, just a little. So as soon as I knew about the whole Hare Hare, Rabbit Rabbit thing, I started trying to remember to do it. If I forget, it really bugs me! Are you superstitious with certain things? People have favorite hats and outfits, but I’m not materialistic that way 😉

I started a walking challenge with my cousin yesterday. Once a week, we will check in with each other and keep tabs on how much we’re walking. We started on Tuesday. So far, I have done zero miles of walking. Oh my God, am I lazy. I guess I figure I’ll walk about 20 miles on Sunday. No problem, easy peasy.

In order to be able to run the Resolution 5k on January 1st, I’ll need to start getting my butt into gear pdq. Walking is the perfect way to start and besides, even if I start running I’ll still add those distances to the challenge. It would be cray cray to assume that I could walk, run, and zumba and still beat my cousin at the challenge. I must give myself at least a hope in hell.

My first plan is to walk as much as possible in the next three weeks or so, then start gradually adding minutes or metres of running into the walks. I hope this works better than the Couch to 5k program. When I was on that, it just went too quickly for me and I started getting shin splints all the time and it was not a happy time for me.

My Dog is still around, still eating, still walking. Maybe I should have counted her steps for the last two days and added that into my challenge.

I rue the day when I have to work up the courage to speak with a family member about some hard issues. It won’t be this week, but I think it might be next week. Blurgh. I don’t wanna! Can’t make me!

Also, this stupid dog park. Honestly, It’s taking forever to put up a fence. One fence. One little, itsy-bitsy fence. Ok, the dog park is not stupid. Ommmm. The circumstances around it are. I hope it gets done soon because frankly I am tired of thinking about it so much.


I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I need to continue my jogging program so that I can run in the 5k in August.  My brain is decidedly not listening to me.  I believe it is hiding in the corner.

While I was away on holidays, I managed to go jogging three times during a week and a half, which is actually commendable, considering all the activities being done.  I also managed to go for a walk nearly every day.  I also ate a whole lot, and gained four pounds.

I had to jog outside and am not sure how far I went, but it seemed to be about 100 times harder than jogging on the treadmill.  It felt like I had absolutely no cardio fitness at all.  Like I could barely breathe after even a minute of jogging.  This is probably a good reason why i’m finding it so difficult to get back out there and jog now that i’m back at home.  I don’t wanna feel that way again any time soon!

This week has been ridiculously busy with work, evening meetings and a supper fundraiser.  Tonight is my first one off besides Tuesday night where all I did was sleep after returning from the trip.

The good thing about this week is that there have been so many signs of spring.  Slo-pitch is starting in the beginning of May, our dog park will hopefully be fenced in the next month or so, and the wind is actually warm.  Not cold.  Warm.  My yard is snow-free (of course, that means I have a lot of work ahead of me – raking, scooping poo, cleaning the flower beds and the garden) and i’m ready to start BBQ’ing.  What fun!  I love spring and summer!  Love it!

I’m planning on taking the evening off tonight.  I still have so many things to accomplish before the weekend begins, it’s quite overwhelming and is giving me a tummy ache.