Fall is Coming? Bring it On.

I’ve been daydreaming, I admit…

Cupcakes. These ones are red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

I can’t seem to help myself. Maybe it’s because i’ve been eating a lot of baked chicken and salad greens lately. I’m almost all salad-greened out. The great thing about complaining about being all salad-greened out is this:

oh haha, looks like i ate it before i could take a picture.

 Namely, complaining about it so much that your co-worker brings you the coffee break item of the day from the cafeteria… poppyseed cake with cream cheese icing. I’ll take it, co-worker. Any day at all.

Thank goodness I hit up a Zumba class last night and burned around 1,000 calories (shut up, that’s what i’m telling myself). And if that isn’t enough, i’ll also be attending a Zumba class tonight and burning another 1,000 calories. You betcha. Boogy. Or salsa. Whatever.

My afternoon snack yesterday was much healthier, and it even tasted good.

Skinny B cereal, yogurt, homemade granola bar. It’s so healthy I can’t even stand it.
So, while I will more than likely be walking at my next 5k event, you can bet i’ll be walking with a purpose. A couple, actually. The first to raise money towards cancer research. The second to start off a fall regiment (sans bootcamp… i’ve officially resigned from bootcamp) to pick-up my forsaken cardiovascular system, brush it off, and get it moving again.
Are you getting into fall routines in regards to exercise and/or eating?