Insanity Month 2

Oh. My. Lord.

I have just begun week 2 of month 2 of Insanity. Follow that? Towards the end of the first month in the program, I was really starting to feel strong and healthy and fit. Man, I could even almost keep up with the group of insane people who were working out alongside Shaun T. How’s that for feeling accomplished, right? Am I right?

Then came a week of Core and Balance workouts, the recovery period between month 1 and month 2. I think I was beginning to like this period more than I should have, because when I started month 2 it felt like i’d run into a brick wall headfirst. What the hell, Shaun T?

This first week of month 2 really can be labelled as insane. I thought i’d never worked so hard when I started month 1, and now I kinda feel like i’d rather be back there than here. As I progress through each workout though, my muscles become accustomed to the torturous moves. In fact, i’m really loving the diamond jacks. They’re my favorite, if such can be the case with a workout regime. I was worried during recovery week because my left knee was giving me some trouble, but this pain has all but disappeared now.

I do still have my moments with the nutrition plan, like times where I forget there is one. But all in all, this has changed me both physically and mentally in a way nothing else has even come close to in my lifetime. As I was running bases in a slopitch game last evening, I could feel how improved my speed has become. I was not winded at all. I was not in any muscular pain you might feel during the first game of the season.

I’m so darn excited to try running again. I might try it out this weekend. Or I might be smart about it and wait a little longer until I finish the Insanity program. Either way, i’ve found an infused hope that my days of fitness are not even close to over. And i’ve Insanity to thank for that.

Insane for Insanity

I went ahead and bit the proverbial bullet by purchasing the Insanity 60 Day Program. I really have no idea whether I have the mental and/or physical capabilities to complete a program entitled “Insanity”, however this is how I make most of my decisions – spur of the moment, and with little thought to consequence. I am definitely all ‘rainbows and candycorn’ when it comes to believing I can accomplish anything. Which makes it hurt even more when reality comes blowing past and knocks me into the next brick wall. Head first. For sure. Ouch.

So yeah.

Of course, I read a crapload of reviews for Insanity after making my purchase. A committment of six days a week? Seriously? Did I just set myself up for a major fail? How did I not realize this when I bought it? Is that kind of like setting my very-important, must-not-leave-behind cell phone on the kitchen table while i’m getting my jacket on, and then forgetting it as I leave the house? Brain fart? Tired of all the questions yet?

At least I can look forward to working out as much as I can to get myself ready to work out even more. Which is not exactly what happened in the week leading up to the start of insanity:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – walk 1 hour

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – walk 1 hour

Friday – walk 1 hour

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – wallyball

If only 50% of the Insanity Program were to involve walking. Then i’d have it made, man.

I even planned out a week’s worth of meals that follows their nutritional plan. Sort of.

Monday – Insanity Fit Test

Ouch. Holy crap-in-a-pothole-what-have-i-done.

Oh well. Let’s remedy that by inhaling a meal every two hours throughout the day that included 125.443% protein. Cause that will make anyone feel great. Not full at all, nope.

Tuesday – Insanity Plyo Circuit

Yes, thank you, I am insane.