Cue Embarassed Face

My treadmill is calculating everything in kilometres. Which means, just so you know, I jogged 1.8 miles in 34 minutes. I am a terrible jogger.

I thought it was way too easy.



I figured it out this morning when I was on the treadmill and realized I could run easily at 10.0. Yep, must be KPH. I wonder if I can switch it to miles somehow. I’ll have to check. Regardless, my run this morning was much better. And I was much more tireder. And my legs hurt, but it’s a good hurt – not the shin pain kind of hurt, more of a calf and quad pain kind of hurt. I gotta say, I really love stretching it out when i’m in muscle pain. It feels so darn good! I even did a little ab routine.

Anyways. I have to play slo-pitch tonight. Last Wednesday when I ran in the morning and then played ball in the evening, I didn’t do very well. My legs hurt and I couldn’t run very fast around the bases. Hopefully that won’t happen tonight, but if it does I will make sure to stretch even more and warm up properly.

Ok. Moving on.

P.S. Yesterday morning I walked with Walking Buddy for 1.5 miles. boom.

Week One; Day One

That’s right. Starting over. Who knew it would kick my butt all over again?

I purchased an old treadmill from a co-worker about two months ago. I’d used it about… oh, about two times since then. I discovered that if I tried to run on the narrow belt, it would shift and wobble and well, it was basically very scary. Yesterday I wanted to run this first run, but when I got outside I realized it wasn’t going to happen out there. It would have been like puddle jumping, and I ain’t wearing rubber boots to run in, and yeah – i’m not a fan of getting muddy either. Princess.

My second option was to run on one of the treadmills at the gym. I icksnayed this as well, since I had just parked my car in the garage for the night and WHY on earth would I waste the power required to open the garage door twice more? That would be two more garage door openings that i’d have to pay for at the end of the month. Silly princess.

I really was just looking for a way out.

Option number three stared me in the face unfortunately, and I didn’t have a good enough reason to dismiss it. Old Treadmill was standing in the middle of the room looking out the window, waiting for me. It was god-awful trying to straddle the thing (and not in a good way, believe me) in such a way to ensure I didn’t teeter off if I suddenly zoned out. After Week One, Day One, I stepped off the treadmill dripping wet with sweat and jumped straight into the shower. Yuck.

What hurt the most? My arms, from holding myself upright for the entire run. Not fun. I’ll definitely not be doing that for any runs with segments longer than two minutes. No sir.

Stretched twice. Did some crunches this morning. Got a leg cramp.

Every Beat of My Heart

Yesterday was easy, man.  Easy.  I mean, easy in the sense that I wasn’t huffing and puffing my way through 30 minutes of sheer hell, that kind of easy.  Maybe it’s because I used a different treadmill.  I think I shall use this treadmill from here on out.  So easy.

I started out by walking 5 minutes, then got into a nice easy jog.  I laid it on thick for about 5 minutes and decided at that point that I was hardly even breathing heavily, why not go for some longer jog times and mix it up a bit?  6 minutes went by, then 7.  After about 8 minutes of jogging, I started feeling it but by this time I was jonesing to get in a full 10 minutes of jogging.  When I (finally) reached said 10 minutes, I went back to walking.  I recovered quickly, within a minute, but walked another minute before starting to jog again. 

Round 2 – I was able to continue the jog for 7 minutes this time before my legs began whimpering at me to please STOP.  Walked again, then jogged another 2 minutes.  19 again!  Sweet!  Gunning for 20 next week!

After the jogging, gym buddy and I did some ab work which was almost as exhausting as the jogging was.  Crunch, crunch, crunch for about 15 minutes straight, some work with the medicine balls, then called it a day.

I watched tv for the rest of the night.  It was great.