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Attempting to cut the fat, skim the milk, crunch the rice cakes and do a little jogging in between!

Toothaches and Easter Eggs

I got through the first two weeks of Insanity and discovered that I actually kind of sort of like the workouts. Lost a few inches, gained some much needed cardio endurance and realized that I really hate doing anything with the word ‘plyo’ in it.

I might keep doing it though, since the results are too good to pass up. oooo, look at me go.

A couple of weeks ago I developed a nasty tooth infection. While it’s gotten progessively worse, the antibiotics i’ve been taking for the last week and a half are finally working their magic. It’s been a problematic few days at best, attempting to find substitutes for meat and bread and everything else you have to chew. I almost cried yesterday when I discovered there was no creamed soup in the house as it is my first choice when unable to eat on one side of the mouth. Vegetable soup cannot fill the void, even when adding soft pieces of macaroni to it until it’s no longer something you could call soup.

Easter weekend is coming up, and with that comes the promise of a fun-filled afternoon painting eggs with mom and grandma. Last year, we focused on painting Easter greetings on eggs and sending them to people via text and facebook. No beautiful calligraphy from us, just a scratchy “Happy Easter”, “Miss You” and “Grandma coloured this one” on eggs dipped quickly into stale food colouring. The winner was Grandma’s “Hello”. The year before that we had a Colouring Contest, judged by Grandma. I won in my age group. So did everyone else. I think I won $10 if memory serves me. Now that’s a worthwhile endeavour.

This year I think i’ll do a little research and out-do them both by proving my existence as a gifted artist and copying something someone else has done.


Insane for Insanity

I went ahead and bit the proverbial bullet by purchasing the Insanity 60 Day Program. I really have no idea whether I have the mental and/or physical capabilities to complete a program entitled “Insanity”, however this is how I make most of my decisions – spur of the moment, and with little thought to consequence. I am definitely all ‘rainbows and candycorn’ when it comes to believing I can accomplish anything. Which makes it hurt even more when reality comes blowing past and knocks me into the next brick wall. Head first. For sure. Ouch.

So yeah.

Of course, I read a crapload of reviews for Insanity after making my purchase. A committment of six days a week? Seriously? Did I just set myself up for a major fail? How did I not realize this when I bought it? Is that kind of like setting my very-important, must-not-leave-behind cell phone on the kitchen table while i’m getting my jacket on, and then forgetting it as I leave the house? Brain fart? Tired of all the questions yet?

At least I can look forward to working out as much as I can to get myself ready to work out even more. Which is not exactly what happened in the week leading up to the start of insanity:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – walk 1 hour

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – walk 1 hour

Friday – walk 1 hour

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – wallyball

If only 50% of the Insanity Program were to involve walking. Then i’d have it made, man.

I even planned out a week’s worth of meals that follows their nutritional plan. Sort of.

Monday – Insanity Fit Test

Ouch. Holy crap-in-a-pothole-what-have-i-done.

Oh well. Let’s remedy that by inhaling a meal every two hours throughout the day that included 125.443% protein. Cause that will make anyone feel great. Not full at all, nope.

Tuesday – Insanity Plyo Circuit

Yes, thank you, I am insane.

Into the Dark

Over a six-week period, Dad’s cancer treatments really wore him down. In the beginning (weeks 1-4), he was okay and could be on his own and was keeping up with his food intake goals and even getting some quick 10 minute walks in. Though he was depressed about his situation, he was getting through it.

By week 5, the radiation treatments were adversely affecting him. He was sick often, developed a rough, chronic, phlegm-filled cough, and could barely drive himself to his appointments. He was left with a “metal” mouth and hardly ate anything because nothing tasted good. Weeks 5 and 6 were not fun for him, but once it was over I could tell that his spirits had been slightly lifted just from the fact that the initial journey was over.

While he recovered in the two weeks after treatments and weaned himself off of various medications, he was optimistic about the results of treatment. He was sure that the tumor had shrunk; said he could feel that it was smaller. It was easier for him to eat. He could taste food again.

Then tragedy hit: His mother passed away under unfortunate circumstances. He was not able to attend the funeral due to his health condition as well as the many different appointments and tests his team had set up for him. This was a difficult time for him, but he made what he felt was the best choice, and vehemently stuck to it.

He went for a scan approximately four weeks after the end of treatment, to provide he and his team with results from the treatments. The team was also optimistic. Theirs was an aggressive approach and they thought they’d knocked it off its feet. They thought the chemo and radiation treatments had been successful.

They were wrong.

There was no change. Optimistically speaking, there was also no indication that the tumor was growing. But this wasn’t what Dad was expecting to hear. This wasn’t what his team was expecting to see. It shocked him and sent him back into that downward spiral into despair.

He will be scheduled for an intensive surgery in the coming weeks, with a 12 day recovery period in-hospital and a 12 week recovery period at home. He is enviously optimistic about the surgery. We are so much more battle-ready than we think we are, right? One little step forward at a time. Anything can be beared when it can be broken down into little bits.

Gimme some Garlic

Life has been a little busy lately. The good news is that even though my workouts have been anything but spectacular, I’ve been watching what goes into my mouth and hopefully haven’t done any major damage by taking a few extra days of rest. I was feeling better, and then my cousin came to visit with her kids. The youngest had a terrible cough, and I believe I may have spent too much time letting him cough on me, even though he is a smart kid and always covered his mouth. The truly amazing thing is that while I’ve been sick, and my cousin’s son has been sick, my Grandma is a tough old bird and hasn’t caught anything from either one of us. Which just goes to show you how much of an effect garlic pills may have on a person. Her words, not mine.

Thursday – walk/run combo on the treadmill. see? sometimes I can actually do things while I’m sick. and the treadmill didn’t even conk out on me. it’s a miracle!

Friday – visited family.

Saturday – visited family some more.

Sunday – wallyball 45 mintues (I was 15 minutes late. they almost disinherited me.)

Monday – I thought about it. and that’s as far as I got.

Appreciate the Good Days

It’s kind of unbelievable how often I get sick. Why is that?
I caught some kind of flu bug, and I’m not incredibly happy about it because I was on a roll. I was on a really great roll. And then, I lost the roll. I ate it, or something. Was it a jelly roll? I can’t recall. I guess this kind of thing happens and it’s my job to work it out and continue on with my plan.

So, to sum things up:
Sunday – wallyball
Monday – rest
Tuesday – sick
Wednesday – walk
Thursday – lazy

Yes, yes, I’ve already labelled myself for today. I might yet surprise myself though. Never know. I could suddenly put my runners on and decide to go for a jog. Might as well make it a 6 miler while I’m dreaming.

It’s simply moments like these that make me appreciate the good days.