I Workout

While I was struggling with my tooth, I discontinued the Insanity workouts. To be truthful, I could possibly have done a few of them during the week I took off, but opted not to in order to stay on schedule as well as not feel like the entire left lower jaw had fallen off my face. Talk about heavy jowls.

I’ve gotten better though. So i’ve started the workouts once again.

They’re going fairly well, though I have to be sure to eat half a freezer of food each day in order to fuel myself through them. Don’t believe them when they say you can buy the program for only 130 bucks. You also have to purchase the following:

– a fitted workout bra to keep those things where they need to be,

– compression shorts or leggings so that you aren’t constantly pulling up your pants due to the excessive amounts of jumping and flailing in the air (oh. is that only me? nevermind then.),

– copious amounts of food,

– a heart rate monitor to ensure you don’t hit twice your maximum and end up with a car ride in an ambulance,

– copious amounts of food.

Forgetting (for the moment) about losing weight on this program, the first month is all about eating the food to have the energy to be able to perform the functons you need to perform each day. That means taking in enough fuel to get yourself to at least 8pm each night without passing out on the couch for a four hour nap. I’ve failed in this regard. Many, many times. Once you get that nutrition plan figured out, let me know. Some days I feel like it might be worth my while to become a hunter and hunt my own game. Nah. I don’t even want to picture myself with a rifle.

I’ll continue to throw my savings into keeping myself alive, I suppose.

All in the name of fitness, this is one great program to shock you into getting in shape. I really think my body doesn’t know what the hell is going on right now. I picture it twisting its back and looking at me like it wants to tell me off in the worst way.

"get lost"

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