Toothaches and Easter Eggs

I got through the first two weeks of Insanity and discovered that I actually kind of sort of like the workouts. Lost a few inches, gained some much needed cardio endurance and realized that I really hate doing anything with the word ‘plyo’ in it.

I might keep doing it though, since the results are too good to pass up. oooo, look at me go.

A couple of weeks ago I developed a nasty tooth infection. While it’s gotten progessively worse, the antibiotics i’ve been taking for the last week and a half are finally working their magic. It’s been a problematic few days at best, attempting to find substitutes for meat and bread and everything else you have to chew. I almost cried yesterday when I discovered there was no creamed soup in the house as it is my first choice when unable to eat on one side of the mouth. Vegetable soup cannot fill the void, even when adding soft pieces of macaroni to it until it’s no longer something you could call soup.

Easter weekend is coming up, and with that comes the promise of a fun-filled afternoon painting eggs with mom and grandma. Last year, we focused on painting Easter greetings on eggs and sending them to people via text and facebook. No beautiful calligraphy from us, just a scratchy “Happy Easter”, “Miss You” and “Grandma coloured this one” on eggs dipped quickly into stale food colouring. The winner was Grandma’s “Hello”. The year before that we had a Colouring Contest, judged by Grandma. I won in my age group. So did everyone else. I think I won $10 if memory serves me. Now that’s a worthwhile endeavour.

This year I think i’ll do a little research and out-do them both by proving my existence as a gifted artist and copying something someone else has done.


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