Old Familiar Places

So I’ve been following my exercise calendar pretty well lately, I have to admit. I’ve added some additional workouts to the ones I posted the other day (two weeks ago), things like core and cross training, but all in all I’ve kept fairly close to the original plan. I’m quite pleased with how January has gone; at least the last part of it.

However, in the interest of full disclosure, the other day I was walking the treadmill for my normal 30 minute segment, when at around 27 minutes in, the treadmill quit. I know, I need to get a better treadmill.

I checked the plug, reset it, let it cool off for a few minutes, and finally it started back up again. Instead of walking the last few minutes, I decided to go for distance and ran the three minutes. I shouldn’t have, because it wasn’t part of my Grand Plan and it very well might have triggered the Dreaded Shin Pain from Hell. But oh my, how good it felt.

I wanted to keep going, I felt like I was flying, and I was so happy to be jogging again. But I stopped at that damn 3 minute mark because I knew I’d beat myself up over it if I started to hurt in old familiar places. I may not try this again for awhile; then again, I’m back on the treadmill tonight so…

Speaking of familiar places, I’m back to journalling my food. I don’t see this as a long-term plan (though the Type-A in me doesn’t really see an issue with that) but for right now it’s working well and keeping me on track. Oh, I had fifteen snacks already today? Guess I’ll just pour myself a glass of water then.

And now, seeing as I’m talking about snacking and thinking about snacking…


mmmnnn... hummus and crackers. best. snack. ever.



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