The Swine Study

I finally managed to do an exercise video yesterday. Thankfully, it was in the privacy of my home, sans mirrors and open windows. By the swooping and leaping of my shadow, I deciphered the fact that I’m very good at Hip Hop. Really. No, not really. After a while, I attempted to keep my shadow behind me so that I wouldn’t have to note how my arms flew around on top of my head and my hip sways were really more like point-and-jabs. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but there you have it. Watch out. I’ll knock you out. With my hip.

While I was in a meeting this afternoon at work, we were instructed to complete an exercise entitled “The Swine Study”. I had to draw a pig on a blank piece of paper; doing so would enable my co-workers to gain some insight into Who I Am. I don’t buy into this stuff too often, but found this exercise all too cute (draw a pig? really? awe… mine had a big pig nose) and the findings to be slightly true to my nature. Want to know? Okay.

This is not my pig. But it is a happy pig.




The location of my pig was smack in the middle of the paper. Like, you couldn’t get more in the middle than I did. That means I’m a Realist. I make notes. And lists. Bang.

I drew my pig with as little detail as possible. No eyes. No mouth. Stick legs. You get the idea. Translation:  I’m a Risk Taker. Carefree and freewheeling. And I get into trouble a lot.

Horace (my pig) is looking off to the right into the distance. Definition? I am a wordsmith.

Providing Horace with four whole stick legs means I’m artistic, and small ears means I’m not very apt at listening to people. Maybe I should add “Listen more” to my list of goals for 2012?

I thought this exercise was neat. It didn’t take long, we each learned a little about each other (now everyone thinks I get into too much trouble) and had a few laughs along the way. I sometimes dread doing these exercises because, you know, do you need to know everything there is to know about me? But this is definitely an exception.

In fact, I’m going to make all my friends do it.

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