I feel like a 72 Year Old.

Friday – 4.65 mile walk. My right pinky toe started to dig into the next toe on my foot. It hurt very much. So I bandaged it when I got home and took the rest of the day to rest from the crazy workout I’d just done 😉

I also did some grocery shopping. I bought cottage cheese. And ezekiel bread. Isn’t that exciting news?

Saturday – 3.77 mile walk. My left foot went numb. You’d think I was running a marathon. Also, my shins started to hurt around minute 10 and kept hurting until minute 37 or so. That really sucked.

Then all hell broke loose and family arrived and for the rest of the day I moved around limping and dragging my body behind me. Really, I’m 34, even though I may look like I’m 72. Really.

Sunday – I decided to rest. And then I had more family stuff to attend. Can I just say, Exhausting? I don’t do well with family events, holidays, meals. People exhaust me. Listening to them mostly. I’ve always been a good listener, I don’t talk much. That’s because my family never gave me the chance. Wow, can they chat! And they will interrupt each other like it’s nobody’s business. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy these events, they just really exhaust me.

I dropped my Grandma at home that evening, just got into the door of my house and received a text from my cousin “will be in town after midnight”. So I quickly threw together some blankets and towels, and blew up the air mattress for them (Which they didn’t even appreciate since it lost all its air by morning. Fudge! Sorry! Maybe if you’d given me an hour to shop I’d have purchased another one. Just for you. For sure, I’d do that. What’s wrong with the floor? It’s carpeted!) Woah, tangent.

Monday – I got up in the morning and made more coffee. I’d already had about eight cups the night before while waiting for my cousin to arrive, but oh for sure I needed more coffee. Then we went for brunch. Then I had made plans to host friends for the afternoon. Then I was exhausted again! How quickly that happens! So I spent the evening watching The Exorcist the TV show and reading about a nun with split personality disorder.

What’s my point?

If my Health Age is 72, I need more naps.

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