Meditate to Sleep

It’s Friday today, which means I’m very close to being labelled “insane” and being taken with force to the nearest “mental health facility”.


smile! it’s friday! and i’m craziieeeeee!!!
There were certainly some events this week that involved people getting in my face and things that went bump in the night.
I pounded stakes into the ground and managed to terrify those who were working near me by hammering my thumb/finger/hand numerous times. Although I was complimented for the way I use a hammer (? weird.) I doubt very much anyone wants to see a replay anytime soon.
I dealt with a dying dog. Who is still super-fantastically-ferociously happy to see me when I get home from work. Dog. You are awesome.
I went to another Zumba class. Mostly because I was enraged and needed to vent. It worked.
Funny how that brings us to today. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot when it’s written out like this, but gosh am I tired. A few more to-do’s for today and I think I will fall asleep listening to meditative sounds. Or I’ll self-hypnotize myself into falling asleep. I don’t think it’ll be difficult.
If I ever finish callingthetreeguyforaquote,cleaningthekitchen,preppingforatriptomorrow,gettinggroceries,cooking,cookingagain,andcookingyetagain.
Yeah. That’s about all I’ve got.

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