A Quick Summary of My Week


Sept 7 Zumba; run errands

Sept 8 Zumba; groceries

Sept 9 meetings and bank trips and a sick dog = not a fun day

Sept 10 push up challenge; paint; run errands

Sept 11 golf; paint; run errands

What a re-cap! Woohoo! Was that as exciting for you as it was for me?

Well, aside from the obvious “haven’t run a single step in the last week” I think I’ve done pretty well in continuing to move this week. And it’s pretty balanced in terms of work and play. I finally got the stupid deck painted. I finally managed to get my bum to the paint store to fix the color for my hallway. I finally did a bank trip that’s been waiting for me for weeks now. Finally, finally, finally.

The bad news is that this week will be just as full as “errands” as last week. Blegh.

Maybe even more so, because I have plans all weekend that don’t include working or doing any errands. It’s all about the PLAY on the weekend. So I guess the weekdays need to make up for all that schnitzel.

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