Mediocre Results

I ran another 5k on Aug 21st. It was a really beautiful, sunny day. Just slightly too hot, but that’s probably just my blood pressure complaining.

43: and change. Yuck. You are what you eat, you perform in direct comparison to how you train, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah.

I got up about two hours before the race, got some breakfast in (toast and almond butter, banana), had some coffee and took water to sip on while I waited for the race to start. Regret: not drinking more water beforehand. Breakfast sat very well in my tummy and the coffee gave me a slight buzz that helped to keep me from thinking I was a loser by trying to run a race I hadn’t trained one minute for.

I got started fine. That’s more than I can say for my garmin. Stupid thing must have gone through the ringer or something ’cause it’s acting all “uppity” and shit.

My first walking break went okay but by the time I took my second one I was starting to feel all kinds of hurt. It kinda sucked to tell you the truth. I wanted to run, but my legs weren’t doing me any favors that day. Coast ahead (it sure as hell wasn’t “coast”, it was more like “crawl”) to the halfway point and it started to get hot. Or my blood pressure started to skyrocket.

 At this point I thought about turning my 5k run into a 3k walk but I forged ahead, still naïve to the fact that I was running a really shitty race.

I passed the 3k mark where there were relayers standing around waiting and I wanted to stop and pretend that I’d completed my relay portion for my team but there was no one there whom I thought would play into the theatrics, so I kept on going.

At 4k it got dicey. I walked, it hurt. I ran, I couldn’t breathe. I needed water so badly, but there were no water stops. Then this woman came up beside me, grabbed my hand and said “you’re doing a great job” and I thought to myself “really? by ‘great’ do you mean asinine?”. But she pushed me to start running again and when I passed her I patted her on the back and thanked her for keeping me going. At the end, she found me and we high-fived. Not a clue who she was, but she really saved my day.

Since my garmin shot itself in the foot, I didn’t know my time. For a split second I indulged myself in the thought that I could be under 40 minutes. And by split second I mean three days until the results came out. How disappointing. But not surprising in the least.

I have another 5k September 18th. If I don’t do any training before then, I will turn my run into a walk and call it a day. I’m not going through that torture again. I have every intention of getting back into running before then but I should be clear about something – I’m having a rough month and it hasn’t even started yet. My dog is dying, and through the month of August I’ve managed to gain more than 10 pounds. It’ll surely be difficult to motivate myself.

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