Cue Embarassed Face

My treadmill is calculating everything in kilometres. Which means, just so you know, I jogged 1.8 miles in 34 minutes. I am a terrible jogger.

I thought it was way too easy.



I figured it out this morning when I was on the treadmill and realized I could run easily at 10.0. Yep, must be KPH. I wonder if I can switch it to miles somehow. I’ll have to check. Regardless, my run this morning was much better. And I was much more tireder. And my legs hurt, but it’s a good hurt – not the shin pain kind of hurt, more of a calf and quad pain kind of hurt. I gotta say, I really love stretching it out when i’m in muscle pain. It feels so darn good! I even did a little ab routine.

Anyways. I have to play slo-pitch tonight. Last Wednesday when I ran in the morning and then played ball in the evening, I didn’t do very well. My legs hurt and I couldn’t run very fast around the bases. Hopefully that won’t happen tonight, but if it does I will make sure to stretch even more and warm up properly.

Ok. Moving on.

P.S. Yesterday morning I walked with Walking Buddy for 1.5 miles. boom.

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