Rockin a New Treadmill

I think I go through old treadmills about as fast as it takes a young boy to fart. Serious.

So I got another treadmill yesterday. A friend had purchased it to use for parts on her treadmill, but the parts didn’t work so she decided to sell it for the same price she got it for. She told me about it right away because, of course, she heard me complaining about the fact that I couldn’t run on the one I have now. So, for 100 pretty little dollars, I am the proud new owner of a… oh… I don’t know what kind of treadmill it is. Should I?

I tried it out this morning and forced myself to wake up for a run. I like this treadmill. It told me I went almost 3 miles in only 34 minutes. That would be awesome if it were true. Can’t be true. I can’t figure if the treadmill is in miles or kilometres… 3 kilometres in 34 minutes is horrible, so I am just not going to accept that. It must be in miles, and either slightly off-kilter or I just had myself one awesome-ass workout. Just sayin, i’ll take the latter and if it eventually comes back and bites me in the ass… C’est la vie. Such is life.

So, naturally I feel great because I just ran almost 3 miles in 34 minutes. Yes, I am that pumped that I need to repeat myself.

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