National Running Day? cool…

If only that meant the day off work, that would really be cool then.

I started off the month of June and National Running Day with a jog. A nice, slow 2 mile jog. I’m still working through the c25k program because I started over a couple months ago to attempt to get ready for the 5k on Saturday. Anyways, that means my stats are pretty slow due to the walking breaks i’m taking. I know i’m recovering a lot faster than the alloted time, but i’m not willing to mess with the program in any way because I don’t want to pay for it later:

For example, the last time I tried to mess with the c25k program, I ended up with major shin pain and total exhaustion. Run everyday when you haven’t done anything in regards to exercise in months? Yes, please. Forget to stretch each and every time I run? Ok! The shin pain haunts me to this very day; I really should consider getting my shins checked for stress fractures because I highly doubt it should hurt this much. Today is no exception.

I managed the two mile jog quite well, considering that my legs were still pretty sore and I was sweating enough to fill a small pool, whatnow? But those damn shins. Just cut them out and give me steel.

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