5k Race Report

On Friday night I gorged on sushi. I wanted to be ready. I was all packed and out the door by 7:30am.

My breakfast was two slices of rye toast with almond butter and raspberry jam. Breakfast Of Champions.

I had a strong beginning to the run, and the first mile went swimmingly well (pun intended). During this time, we were hit with rain, and it soaked us through, but we finished the first mile in 12:02 which was awesome. Then… disaster.

I decided I needed a walk break. As soon as I stopped running and began to walk, my calves tightened right up and my left shin started to huuurrrrrt real bad. So much so, that I told Running Buddy there was no way I was going to be able to walk a good pace. It really screwed up my time, and left me looking a little haggard:

We reached the second mile marker at a 13:39. At this point I told RB that if I didn’t jog for the rest of the run, i’d be a goner. We parted ways so that I could continue running while RB took her second walk break. Then I had to stop and try fixing my stop watch because the rain made it go PSYCHO. I didn’t manage to fix it until after the run, and had to rely on my phenomenal (not) math skills to help me figure out how I was doing. RB caught up to me when we saw the 4k marker and we burnt rubber (not really) in the last kilometre of the run.

And then, sweet goodness thank-you-ever-so-much, we saw the finish line. It was cloudy, rainy and dreary, but the big red balloon signalled the end of the run and I was so so incredibly happy to see it.

After clocking a 12:33 for the third and final mile, we ran across the line finishing in 38:15.

Among the swag received were Yop drinks, an egg baker, flaxseed, a running shirt, and golfing stuff. Woot!

We also munched on stunning fruit platters and I grabbed a muffin and an apple for the road home. And then we went for lunch, LOL, with another friend and my parents where I had an enormous cheeseburger with fries and three pints of ice water.

My goodness, i’m so tired I could vomit.

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