Sunday = Hills

So I mixed it up a bit this weekend. I went to visit family and on Sunday morning went running jogging on a really hilly, sandy road for 2.5 miles or so (I still need to get the actual results from Garmin). It was really a lot of fun, but I sure am feeling it in the upper leg muscles.

5k run is coming up on Saturday! I am getting excited, not because i’ve trained so well and think I can actually run a whole 5k but just because i’m still out there, still jogging, still dragging my butt off the couch to move around. I looked at my jogging stats and realized that, even though some months are pretty measly looking, i’ve been jogging through every month since last September. I think that’s a first for me!

I hope this continues because on the days where a run works out great and leaves me feeling awesome for the rest of the day, I really am grateful to be able to jog move my feet and reap the benefits of doing so. It’s such a rewarding feeling of accomplishment!

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