So I Promised Myself…

Spring is finally here… the snow is melting away and the grass is starting to turn green – I see tulips starting in the flower gardens, oh it’s just awesome!

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately, and my muscles are really working their… whatever’s off.

I took some time off work to do some spring cleaning, and got so much accomplished. Washed walls, floors, windows, cupboards; did loads of laundry including sheets, blankets, big-ticket items; started raking the yard (that crappy job is going to take me longer than the slotted few hours I gave it); and did some tidying and some cooking. It feels good to feel so accomplished 😉

Went for a run on Saturday morning with Running Buddy. It’s been far too long and i’ve been far too undisciplined for running. So I promised myself to go on as many long walks as I can to help ease myself back into running, and just run on the weekends for now (or as close to the weekend as possible). I just don’t feel like I have the energy on a workday to go for a 40 minute run.

We took a bit of a different route and ended up going over 3 miles, which was kind of cool. We’ve started C25k over again, so we managed to do the first two sessions on Saturday during our run. On Friday we plan on doing the last session in week 1, and the first session in week 2. Well, that’s what I plan to do, anyways. Then i’ll be away for the weekend so I won’t be able to run again until May!

Ball season is starting, so our team decided to have a practice on Friday afternoon. I felt great afterwards (spent an hour and a half running after balls and some time hitting), but holy doodles if I wasn’t in pain for three straight days afterwards. I bought myself a foam roller and have been using that here and there but it hurts! a lot! so i’m easing into that as well 😉

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