Shining Moments

Can be big or small, round or square, orange or blue with a hint of fuscia.

My Shining Moment wasn't quite like this.

Mine happened this morning, and it was small but unanimously shining.  Yesterday (and let’s face it, all of February) I struggled to maintain daily life.  I wasn’t feeling it; I was simply floating through it as best I could.  I was continuing to force some miniscule amount of exercise by guilting myself into it, but it just wasn’t working; in fact, it hadn’t been working since the first week of February.  It was a funk.  And by that I do not mean a cool, dancy, i’m-all-that-and-a-bag-of-peanuts kind of funk.  It was more of a sit on the couch and contemplate life while drinking too many glasses of leftover pop that didn’t have even the slightest fizz left in it, funk.

But yesterday, oh, yesterday I really wasn’t feeling it.  I had a terrible tummy ache that i’m quite sure I can blame on eating dubious amounts of cheese and bread.  My favorites.  I spent the evening clutching my stomach and rocking back and forth on the couch.  And as the feelings began to pass, I looked over to my new-old treadmill and decided maybe I could walk it off.  So I changed into some shorts and running shoes, and took off.  Gosh, this treadmill is old and it’s noisy and it’s actually kind of scary.  After a little while I got pretty bored with it, and stepped off, but I did manage to feel the burn in my calves and was huffing slightly.

This morning, I woke up and:

Oh Happy Day!

I felt great!  No longer mourning the loss of an almost complete month of inactivity, I felt like I could conquer the world.  Since i’m feeling mountains better than I have in a while, I bottled it, I plan to attack that treadmill again tonight.  Small steps make for great success or something like that.

Like I said before, not much of a shining moment, but it was enough of one for me and it did the trick.  I am by no means back, but hai – i’m here.

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