you’re squishing an already dead ant.

With the clever addition of boot camp classes in the beginning of January, i’ve all but fallen off the face of the earth. It’s burnout time.

I know, I know. I’ve only heard it ten million times. “don’t burn yourself out”you’ll end up right back where you started” etc, etc.

With the stress of covering two positions at work throughout the month of January, I needed something to help me let out my frustrations. And boot camp was the perfect way to go about this. I paid someone to continually beat the snot out of me twice a week, and went on my merry way. I definitely did not look forward to boot camp sessions, but they were a wickedly cool stress reliever and I was more than happy to let it all out. I also “let out” two pounds, which was awesome. January worked out pretty well… February however, not so much.

Tuesday, 1st – boot camp, 1&1/2 hours. beaten to a drooling mess.

Wednesday 2nd – stomach flu 😦 boo. it all reminded me of this song:

“Don’t you put it in your mouth (don’t put it in your mouth),

Don’t stuff it in your face (don’t stuff it in your face),

Though it might look good to eat (might look good to eat),

And it might look good to taste (might look good to taste),

You could get sick,

Real quick,

Real sick,

Real… ick!”

Thursday 3rd – sick

Friday 4th – sick

Saturday 5th – watched friend knock ice off my roof using a rickety extension ladder and a metal file. very. exciting. indeed.

Sunday 6th – stared at wall in a focused effort to not get off the couch for any reason other than to open the fridge door. Mission: Success.

Monday 7th – screw it; i’d rather watch a Glee marathon.

Tuesday 8th – i’d love to make some oatmeal quick bread (link below); ok, i will! Yum! Oh, is it 7pm already? Might as well go to bed, then.

Wednesday 9th – my lovely grandma is making me dinner tonight at her place at 5pm. absolutely no time to exercise. nope.

It’s like i’m snuffing the life out of my exercise routine. Squishing an already dead ant.


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