Boot Camp is like Hell. Period.

Yep. I’ve been to two classes now, and i’m quite sure it’s exactly like hell.

There is definitely something to be said for interval training. I have many words for it, but i’ll stay on the positive side instead and just say that it’s very… entertaining. Imagine, if you will, a group of 20 or so women, all age groups and sizes, learning how to take care of themselves and be healthy individuals. That’s a wonderful image. Now imagine this same group of ladies grunting and sweating, running around a gym like lab rats and gerbils, doing burpees and basketball throws, strange strength training exercises that i’ve no clue how to name, lunges, etc. for an hour straight. I’m not saying that any cuss words came into the picture, but internally i’m sure we were all cursing the instructor. For an hour straight.

I’d like to work up the nerve to run tonight, but i’m not sure how my shins will react to that piece of information.  I have a feeling they won’t like me, and they tend to express themselves when they’re not happy.  It might be a better idea to take a rest day.  Hmm.  I will have to ponder this for awhile.


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