Summaries and Goals

Summary:  I ran almost 143 miles in 2010.  I think that’s pretty good, considering I barely ran during the summer months.  And a few other months, too.

Goal 2011:  I’m going for 250 miles for 2011.

Summary:  I wanted to lose 20 pounds.  I lost 2.

Goal 2011:  Lose 10 pounds.  5 from January to March; 2 from April to September; 3 from October to December.  Or so, ’cause…you know…i’m not a control freak or anything.

Summary:  My average pace was 13:00 per mile.

Goal 2011:  11:30 per mile pace for 3.1 miles; 12:30 per mile pace for 6.2 miles.

Summary:  My eating pretty much sucked for the last part of the year.  And the middle part.  All of the middle part.  Ironic that that’s where it’s all showing up on my body, huh.

Goal 2011:  Must. Eat. Mindfully.  Consider what the accomplishment will mean.

aside: i actually found some sweet potatoes at the grocery store the other day. this is a first. i stocked up. i just wanted to gloat.

Summary:  Work takes energy!  Energy I need for exercise!

Goal for 2011:  Must work less!  LOL, okay, kidding.  But I do need to learn to make the most of the workday and then… let the rest go.  Stop taking it home with me and obsessing over it 24 hours a day.  There is certainly more to life.

January 1st brought another 5k run.  I chose to bring in the new year by running for over 40 minutes in -24 degree weather.  I was concerned about frostbite for a long while afterwards, but I managed to thaw out by the time I got back home.

It was a late night and an early morning.  I managed to get my butt home around 1 a.m. but was too wired up to fall asleep immediately, so I drifted in and out of sleep for most of the night.  Woke up at 6 a.m. and got ready.  I made myself oatmeal with pb and banana for the trip (an hour and a half) there, sipped some water, and just generally worried about how cold it was and if I had put enough clothing on.  Three layers of pants, three layers of tops plus a running jacket, a mask over my face and a touque, one pair thick socks, mitts.

We warmed up quickly once we got there by doing jumping jacks and such, then headed out onto the course.  It was icy, really icy.  I could feel the same muscles I had used in December to run outside working their way into my consciousness, screaming “again? AGAIN you do this to me?”.  My calf muscles started rippling about halfway through, and not in a good way.  My hip joint was hurting.  We stopped for a minute and Running Buddy showed me how to stretch it out and it felt better for the rest of the race thank goodness.

I guess the best part was that we finished it.  We really, really, wanted to jump into one of the many vehicles that were parked along the route in case runners needed to warm-up (it was a fun run, not timed, fyi) but somehow the thought of prolonging the run even further was beyond imagination – there was no way.  We needed to get this over with asap, man.

When the race was over, we each had a muffin and some hot chocolate, then toured around the science centre for the rest of the morning (the science centre was where the run was located) which was really a lot of fun and it was good to keep walking instead of sitting in a cold car right away and letting ourselves stiffen up for the long drive home.

Granted, I was sure sore on Sunday.  The 10 minutes of Wii Tennis didn’t help much either.  Ever try going to the bathroom when you can barely move your arms?  Wasn’t fun.  But I went for a 30 minute walk with the dog and that helped loosen up some muscles, so it’s all good.

So, great fun day except for the part where we had to run.  Looking forward to running today.  At the gym, not outside.  Boring? yes, but safe.  and warm.

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