Race Recap – Santa Shuffle 5k

The night before I asked a few friends over and made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  Yum.  I made sure I was stuffed full with spaghetti.  In the morning, I made myself some oatmeal and headed out around 7:30am for the drive.  We stopped at The Running Room once we got into the city, to pick up our race kits.  Unfortunately, they were already at the museum where the start and finish was going to be, so we had to rush to get there in time to fill out the required information and pick up our kits.  Kits included a long sleeve t-shirt that was very cool, some coupons, kleenex, information about The Salvation Army, and other neat things that I can’t think of right now.  Oh yeah, one neat thing was a little red bell that had The Salvation Army written on it in white lettering.  That was pretty cool, although what on earth i’ll use it for I have no idea.

After quickly changing and throwing our bags back into the car, we were ushered into the main theatre at the museum for introductions, then back outside and guided through some basic warm-up moves to get ready for the run.

The start of the run was really nice and easy, seeing as we were all in a large group and no one was able to separate to run faster.  I think we made it about 10 minutes running, then had a walk break.  RB’s legs were really bothering her, but she pushed through for the first while.  I was feeling good until about the 30 minute mark, where I just wanted it to be over already.  That was around 2.25 miles into the run.  I knew I still had a ways to go and was hoping to be under the 40 minute mark at the finish.  As luck would have it, I made it to the finish in 39 minutes and some change, with runners and organizers standing at the finish cheering me on.  It was a great feeling and I managed to not puke my guts out once I crossed the line.

We came right back home after the door prizes were handed out.  Neither of us said much on the way back except that we were both pretty pleased with ourselves to have run practically in the middle of winter without any outside training.

I took a break on Sunday and Monday because my lungs were still a little tender but we’re back at it now and preparing for the next 5k which is on Jan 1st.  I was glad to have finished this run, hopeful that I would have a better time but not really too disappointed that I didn’t.  Oh and I pulled a thigh muscle during the run while attempting to not fall on the slippery paths.

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