Week 7; Day 1

I just couldn’t give up on week 7.

Yesterday, I decided I would go to the gym and bike for half an hour.  I texted RB to let her know i’d be at the gym and she asked why don’t we do some strength training instead?  I said sure.  It involved a bit of running, but it wouldn’t kill me to try.  So we started out by running for five minutes to warm up.  Then we spent close to the next hour murdering our legs with various exercises using weights, with two more running spurts of three minutes each inbetween.  It meant I ran about a mile, and wasted my legs from the knees down.

This morning I limped into work and was noticed by my supervisor.  She asked in a concerned voice was I okay and I just had to laugh/cry/giggle insanely.  The whole left side of my body hurt, but, yeah… i’m okay 🙂

I iced my shins when I got home from work then took off for the gym.  RB and I decided that I would start by running and if my shins started to hurt again, i’d get off the treadmill and bike the rest of the 25 minutes.  Well do wonders never cease?  There I was, probably around 15 minutes into the run, gasping for air and not even giving a thought to my legs.  As usual, there were a couple of times where I really had to fight with myself to keep going, but it wasn’t about my legs this time.

Now I am back at home, with a banana smoothie on the side table and my legs elevated and ice melting along my shins.  I am not taking any chances.  I will ice until the cows come home.


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