Week 6; Day 2

This is getting harder.  I’m wondering if i’ll need to repeat week 6 due to the fact that my legs keep feeling like they’re going to fall off at any unfortunate opportunity.

I finished week 6, day 2.  Warmed up for a few minutes, stretched out, and started running.  The first 10 minutes were okay, my shins were starting to hurt just a tiny bit but were bearable enough to finish the section.  I didn’t like the walking section – I couldn’t keep my legs moving fast enough and I had to slow the pace to help my legs recover more.  The next 10 minutes were tough.  I was playing all kinds of mental games to keep myself going.  Speed up, slow down.  Listen to a song, concentrate on my gait.  Look over at RB to see that she doesn’t even look like she’s breaking a sweat.  Get pissed off and speed up again, then slow down.  Notice that I can no longer feel my left foot.  Finally the 10 minutes were over.  I got off the treadmill pretty quick and stretched out my legs.

Tomorrow morning we’re supposed to be trying 25 minutes straight.  I’m scared to do this as I don’t know if i’m ready.  I’m going to try anyways.  Maybe it’s just that I need to chalk this up to a bad week.  That’s what we’ll go with.


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