Week 6; Day 1

I’m just going to start this post by saying… this is the furthest i’ve ever gotten on the c25k program.  I’ve started it many times, and eventually given up.  I believe this time it’s working because I have a running buddy to be accountable to.  If I was doing this alone, i’d be on the couch with a bag of chips instead of grumpily putting on the running gear and heading to the gym.  Yes, I might be grumpy before going for a jog, but once it’s over it’s a great feeling.  Sometimes it’s even a great feeling during the jog.

My right knee was giving me trouble during my warm-up walk so I knew that I wouldn’t be pushing my pace this time around.  I threw the treadmill onto 5mph and ran the first 5 minutes, then walked at 3.5mph.  At this point, my legs were feeling a little like lead, but I struggled through it because RB was struggling through it too, and I didn’t want to look like a loser. 

Blasted it back to 5mph (’cause that makes it sound way faster than it is) for the next 8 minute run, and this is when the actual tiredness set in.  Oh, was I tired.  I was so tired that I could just stop running right now and fall flat on my face on top of the treadmill.  I believe this is also when I turned to RB and said “this is hard today. it’s really hard”, and she looked back at me and said “oh?”.  No sympathy there, apparently.  I finally finished the 8 minutes and set the treadmill back down to 3.5 to walk it out.  My calves were burning, my shins hurt and the sweat was rolling off of me.

Just before I started my last 5 minute run, two more girls arrived and jumped onto the treadmills to workout.  When I started running again, so did they.  With all four of us running together, side by side, I felt like I could have overtaken the world.  It was total Girl Power like you’ve never seen before.  I’m sure there was a bright pink mass of light all around us, pushing out energy and motivation and determination like you wouldn’t believe.  And then they stopped running after about a minute or so.  And I still had to run 4 more minutes.  Without Girl Power.  Without pink glowiness.

So I upped the pace again, like I did during my last workout.  5.5 for the first minute, upping by .5 until I reached 7.0 for the last minute.  Or something like that.  I remember ending on 7.0, and I remember upping it .5, but I might have lowered it for a 30 second jaunt in there somewhere.

Moral of the story – I didn’t think i’d finish this workout.  But I did.  “With great effort, comes great success.”


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