Week 5; Day 3

Well, there it is.  In plain letters.  I ran week 5, day 3 on friday.  20 minutes of running, straight.

You know what?  The last two times i’ve been running, it’s been almost… fun.  Not fun… maybe more like… nice. enjoyable.  I don’t know how to explain it, but EASY would be coming close it’s just I don’t want to jinx myself into a hard workout by saying that.  I enjoyed pushing myself from song to song to song, occupying my mind with whatever-the-hell I occupied it with.  My memory is short.  I don’t even think I blinked until I had already run for 16 minutes and by that time, I only had 4 more left to go.  Crazy.

It was so nice to not feel like I was struggling through the entire thing, not wanting to do any of it, not wanting to be there.  I was flippin’ PRESENT, man.  I was totally AWARE of what I was doing and I was going for it – all the way.

You know what I did when I saw that I had run for 16 minutes?  I increased my pace.  I knew I could do it.  5 miles/hr to 17 minutes, 5.5 to 18, 6 to 19 and 6.5 to 20.  And then?  I walked for 2 minutes and ran another 3 minutes on top of it all.  Because I knew I could.  Because i’m ‘da freakin’ BOMB!!!

So.  Another run for tonight and depending on how i’m feeling (right hip hurts a little. I sit too long at work) I might try going for an 11 minute mile during the 5 minute run intervals.  The first one, anyways.


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