Week 4; Day 2

Done! Hard! The day off didn’t help much! 2 miles in 25 minutes.

Off in 15 minutes to time a 5k run to see if we’ve improved since the last one. For me, that means beating 39:27.

Ok, back. 37:20! I was hoping to be under 38 minutes and I did it! I shaved two minutes off my time, in about a month’s time.

It was rough though.  We started out way too fast, running a sub 6 minute kilometre or around a 9:30 minute mile.  When we’re training with 12 and 13 minute miles, that’s a little too quick off the get-go.  I knew it too, because (duh) I kept looking at my garmin, but I said it out loud once and that was it.  I figured we could learn the hard way.  And so we did.  Next month when we try it again, i’m going to make sure I pace myself where I need to be – to make sure I finish strong instead of whimping out and barely being able to crawl to the finish line.

That’s it for today.  Enjoy the weekend!


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