Week 4; Day 1

My blog titles are so catchy, no?

It feels awesome to be able to say that I can run for five minutes. straight. five. minutes. straight.

I did receive some nasty shin splints because of it, though.

During the day I downed 3 litres of water, 3 pieces of pizza, a piece of zuchinni-oatmeal coffee cake, and an oatmeal bar.  I stretched for about 10 minutes before running, but this should have been a little longer as my calves were really killing me during the run.  We also started off by walking the full 5 minutes to warm-up, and this always seems to kick-start my shin splints or make my calves tighten up.  Anyways, the first 5 minute run felt really great to finish.  I wasn’t overly winded, was still able to carry on a conversation, and was just overjoyed that my body was able to complete something i’d never thought it would be able to complete again.

The second 5 minute run took forever.

Don’t forget that there was also two 3 minute runs inbetween.  I kept having to tell RB to slow the f*&k down ’cause she had us running at a 10 minute per mile pace everytime I stopped looking at my watch.  I mean, maybe she can run that fast for that long, but I can’t!  So we finished week 4, day 1, and as we were walking back to our cars, I said “maybe we should run another 2 minute section, just to get back faster” and she said “sure”.  You know, I have a theory.  Sanity goes out the window after you’ve exhausted your body to a certain point.

We ran the 2 minutes at slightly under a 10 minute per mile pace and I was definitely winded when we finally stopped running.  Except, the cool thing was, my legs didn’t feel mushy and jello-y.  Maybe there’s a little improvement going on here after all.

So, we earned ourselves a day off.  And i’m going to take full advantage today and do NOTHING.  Well, maybe a load of laundry, but then after that… NOTHING.


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