Week 3; Day 2

I really made sure I did everything I could to prepare for this run.  I drank 3 litres of water throughout the day, had a snack after work to give me extra energy, and even popped a couple sharkies for good measure.

I did lots of stretching before leaving the house, and pulled on a pair of compression socks to see if it would help my circulation.

We only walked a few minutes before beginning the first run section, as it was quite chilly outside and it wouldn’t have been much of a “warm-up” walk.  This run went a lot better than the one the day before.  We were better able to manage the pace we were running at, slowing down to a 13:00 mile during the 3 minute runs so that we would be able to complete them.  It’s about getting the running minutes in right now, not about how fast we can run.  It’s possible that we would have been able to up that to a 12:00 mile as we weren’t gasping for breath at the end of the run.  In fact, we were able to talk with each other throughout the whole workout.  Yep, this run was far different than the one before.

I was so elated by the end of the run that I suggested we do this again right away (like, today) and then start week 4, day 1 this week sometime.  And then I went home.  And hurt.  And wondered why I suggested such an idiotic thing.  I also suggested that we try to run another 5k to see if our times have improved in the last month.  So, not only are we going from running 9 minutes to running 16 minutes, we’re also going to run 5k instead of – at the most – 3k during our workouts.  Sounds like fun.

What i’d like to know is why I even open my mouth sometimes.


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