Week 3; Day 1

I struck out on my own and completed week 2; day 3 on Friday after work.  I figured since running buddy (RB) was running up to three minutes at a time, I should get going and try to catch up if I could.  Since Friday is already two days here and gone, I don’t really remember how difficult it was.  I do remember that I had to slow down a lot.  And I remember that my knees really hurt afterwards, which likely means my form isn’t correct and will have to concentrate on that more.

On Saturday morning, RB and I headed out to start week 3, day 1.  During our warm-up walk I brought up the fact that I had to slow down a lot to finish week 2, day 3.  I had taken a closer look at the data from my garmin device and realized that we were running really fast during the run sections.  In fact, we were clocking 5 minute kilometers, which is truly insane for two beginners.  Just my opinion.  So I asked her could we slow down during the run sections because I wasn’t sure if i’d be able to get through both three minute sections if we weren’t running extremely slowly.

The first 90 second section went well.  Fully recovered, we start the three minute section.  Whew!  I was incredibly grateful for the three minute recovery time as I needed most of it to get my breathing back under control.  Now, usually RB and I gab a little bit here and there during our workouts.  I knew I probably wouldn’t be talking too much, but I was really suprised that RB wasn’t saying much either.  The sound of my own desperate attempt to control my breathing overpowered any other sounds around me though, so maybe I just couldn’t hear her.  We moved on to the second section of running and by the time that was over, it was even difficult to walk.  My legs were jelly.  My breathing was labored.  But we did it!  Color me impressed!  And once we cooled down, RB admitted that she felt the run was difficult too.  It will be hard to move on to week 4 I think, but we’ll see.

Once I got home I wobbled to the couch and had a sit down with myself to see if any body parts had stopped working altogether.  Having decided that everything was in working order, I continued on with my weekend which was full of activity unrelated to running or working out.  Sunday was a rest day in every sense of the word.  I wish today was, too, to be honest.  But the plan to run has already been set into motion, so I will be showing up at the park road later this afternoon for week 3, day 2.  I wish I could say I can’t wait.

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