Week 2; Day 1

Okay, so I downloaded the Couch25k program onto my cellphone and tried it out yesterday.  Week two, Day one.  Went pretty well.

I left the dog off the leash for the run, as it was difficult to concentrate on running and breathing properly when constantly stopping so she could smell the roses.  There was a 5 minute warm-up walk, which I used to walk from the house to the park (which was actually more like 7 minutes, so I ended up having to run into the entrance and probably looked like a complete turkey scanning the road for traffic and looking out after my dog.  Good times.).  The increase from 1 minute running increments to 1 & a half minute increments didn’t have too much of an effect.  In fact, it made me feel like I was finishing a lot quicker than usual.  And I suppose I did.  Finish quicker.  More quickly.  whatever.

I need to learn to stretch before I go running, as my calves were really burning until the very end once i’d walked the 5 minute cool down.  The recovery time in between run sections was perfect – I was almost fully recovered before starting each run.  The only problem?  I was on a downhill at the very beginning and I think I stretched a calf muscle in my mad haste to get down the hill.  It hurts a bit.

But the dog.  The dog had the time of her life.

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