is it friday? i’ve only been waiting for you all week.

Ugh. Color me completely exhausted. I would like to not have to work so much so that I can catch up on sleep, or not be so flippin’ stressed out all the time because no one knows how to treat people with respect around here. Bad day today. But it’s Friday, and it’s true. I HAVE been waiting for this day all week.

So I ran on Monday, then on Tuesday after work I did the SHRED workout at home. It kicked my butt. I was one great big sweaty dang mess by the end of it. Holy crackers, level I. On Wednesday, a friend was unexpectedly admitted to hospital, but I still managed to get a run in right after work. Wednesday’s run was difficult, but bearable. Thursday was going to SHRED again, but my running buddy was thinking about running and it made me want to run too. Damn, I should’ve gone with my original plan. Thursday’s run was HARD. Plain and simple. Everything hurt and I wasn’t breathing properly and… ay, it was just HARD.

Still I finished it, though. It’s of no use to me to quit after i’ve already started.

Once more this weekend, then the plan is to kick it up a notch next week. I don’t know if that’s bearable, but that’s what’s going to happen. And i’ll just have to suck it up. In the meantime, a little fall clean-up, some beer drinking, and thanksgiving dinner is on the calendar for the long weekend.  Hope you enjoy yours as much as i’ll enjoy mine!

Signed up for the Santa Shuffle 5k run on Dec 4th, and the Resolution 5k Run on Jan 1st. Mainly for the shirt and the jacket. Serious.

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