I was fine, but now i’m not

My mom took my dog for a sleepover on Sunday evening, so Monday morning was not spent trying to get her out of bed to go outside to the bathroom.  Instead, I overslept (a whole hour) when truly I had intended to get up early and do a SHRED workout.  Blah.  Mornings. 

The workday went smoothly enough, no real emergencies or tight timelines.  I had some running around to do after work – pick up this, get that, pay this bill – so by the time I got home my mom was already there with the dog, emptying out my flower gardens.  Seriously, tearing every last shred of green right out.  I asked her why would she do that and she said she was doing me a favour, that it had to be cleaned out in order for it to grow properly next spring.  I asked what ‘proper’ growing meant to her – did she mean ‘less work’ next spring if she uprooted all the plants in the flower bed?  Would I simply have to run the cultivator over it every two months and glory be, there was a fine patch of dirt to behold?  She told me to be grateful she was helping out, so I thought that was a good idea and shut myself up.

After dropping my work bag onto the floor of the kitchen (I totally need to work on picking up after myself), I quickly ran to the computer to send a message to my running buddy (Aside: my cellphone hasn’t been working) only to find the computer being wonky with me. It took some work, but I finally managed to send the message off and get myself changed and ready for running.  Almost a full hour later and I was finally on my way to the running path. 

I decided to bring the dog with me so that she would possibly exert some energy and sleep through most of the night.  I should have known that unless she is off-leash and able to prance around wherever she pleases, she doesn’t get a great workout in.  It was still nice to have her around to talk to though, so I think i’ll give it another try.

I started off slowly yesterday because I was scared that I might still be sick.  It felt wonderful pounding along the gravel road and before I knew it, I was already halfway done.  It was a good run.  1.75 miles in 27 minutes, including warm up and cool down.

Had dinner afterwards, took a bath, went to bed.  Love it. 

This morning woke up with coughing fits to end all coughing fits, crappy headache, watery eyes.  Well.  Isn’t that great.

SHRED workout today after work, then into the pj’s with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

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