My mind has shut itself off

Oh, hey.

So, I was reading my entry from the other day and noticed at the end I said I would be running another 5k this past weekend. Nah. Didn’t happen. Someone got me sick.

I actually haven’t run since I updated last.  Instead I spent most of my waking time wishing I were sleeping and a lot of my sleeping time being woken up by the inability to breathe through my nose.  It wasn’t totally nightmarish; I caught up on a lot of television shows i’d been wanting to watch.  I even managed to wash the dishes in the sink once.  That didn’t include the dishes on the table and in the living room, but that’s not the point.

If I could think straight, I would have spent my weekend much more wisely – it was gorgeous outside, there were plenty of things to do in the garden and in the garage.  Such is life.

I don’t know about today.  I’m having trouble keeping my balance when I walk.

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