7 Hour Goal

I’ve been having some problems with insomnia lately.  Well, I don’t know that it’s actually insomnia.  Sometimes it takes me hours to fall asleep.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night (between 2:30 and 3am) and can’t get back to sleep.  Sometimes when I wake up it’s because i’ve an upset stomach, sometimes there is no reason that I can find.  It’s sort of aggravating, and it absolutely FORCES me to eat chocolate every afternoon in order to stay awake.  FORCES me, I tell you.

So anyways, I have a 7 hour goal for each night.  This is how much rest I FOR SURE need in order to feel rested during the day.  No half-assed, disturbed sleep either.  It’s gotta be deep, REM-style sleep.  Need my beauty rest.

Last week was horrible.  I was averaging 4 to5 hours of sleep each night.  When Friday finally rolled around, I was so tired, dudes.  SO tired.  I slept in on Saturday morning until 9:30am, which I know I should not do but couldn’t find the determination to resist.  So far since then i’ve had two good nights with the aforementioned 7 hours of sleep, and one bad one.  It’s amazing how different I feel during the day, how much more energy I have.  Sleep deprivation is a huge motivation-buster.

Soon (maybe starting next week) I am going to try a few different things before going to sleep each night, like having a warm bath, or reading for 10 minutes.  I am hoping that once this becomes a routine, my body and mind will be able to relate these activities to bedtime and begin to unwind all on its’ own.  I am on a mission, people.

Wow! busy week.  Ball, ball meeting, ball, bbq, ball, birthday supper.  Didja get all that?!  My God, i’ll probably be sleeping in again on Saturday.  Best laid plans, and all that.

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