No longer a jogging blog

There.  I said it.  I’m consumed with guilt, but it’s done and there ain’t no going back now.

My mini-vaca was awesome.  It was great to see my brother and his family once again – we see each other so rarely that it’s almost like meeting and getting to know someone new each time we’re together again.  We did some camping and I realized that I really hate bugs.  We went to the ocean and I realized I like lakes.  All 5 of us slept together in a camper for 4 nights, and I realized I don’t want to know anyone THAT well.  Attended a folk festival and realized I really love strange music!  So yeah.  Good times!

Now that i’m back in the daily routine, it’s time to get involved with the chores again.  I tried mowing the lawn, but I ran out of gas halfway through so… I decided to wash the dishes instead.  I washed two loads of dishes before I got bored with that, so loaded the laundry into the washer.  Forgot it there for two days and had to re-wash it.  It’s been a wierd few days, to say the least.  So now, half the grass is cut, dirty dishes are still piled in the sink, and the laundry needs to be thrown into the dryer.  I do this to myself for the fun of it, no?

The vacation made me want to not live where I live.  It made me want to be closer to my brother and his family, and my uncle and his family.  There are so many opportunities as compared to where I am living.  And I find it funny that I say “where I am living”, when I truly don’t believe that I am.  Yes, I have things to do, places to go, and people to see.  It just sort of feels… empty.  I have some sorting out of priorities to do.  Perhaps a change is in order.  Perhaps not.  I’m also incapable of making large decisions on my own.

To take my mind off of that, i’ve decided to partake in an upcoming folk festival in the nearest city.  It just so happens that after my shocking ‘love of folk music’ revelation, I surveyed the lists of folk festivals near me for about two hours online.  I found one in a city not far from here, in only a week and a half’s time.  Great!  Happy!  Joy!  I hope it meets my expectations.

If not, blunder the folk music world, my friends.  Blunder it.

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