Whistle while you…

It seems that yard work has taken over my life.  I like it, don’t get me wrong.  It’s wonderful to have a nice, landscaped backyard filled with thousands of flowers and rose bushes and climbing vines and… you know?  It’s just… i’ve never been a gardener, my thumbs are flesh colored, not green.  I even have a garden I have to fill with seeds and things.  I like to sit out there and pluck weeds on a sunny day, but yesterday I think I tore out more flowers than weeds.  It’s just not my thing.  And it’s taking away from this other thing… this… what’s it called?  Oh right, jogging.  It’s been awhile.

Tonight we have another slo-pitch game.  It’s so warm out today – 26 degrees (that’s celsius) even the wind is warm.  For once in the last 8 months, i’m actually warm.  Neat.  Which means i’ll be sweating and baking and drinking beer later.  You like how I kind of snuck that last part in?

Well, sweating is better than not jogging.  Just saying.

On the eating front, i’m finally working my weight back down with healthy foods.  I’m feeling much better, too.  I had so much energy yesterday I could have launched myself off a wall and into space.  Or, you know, gone jogging.  Even though I did neither of those things, i’m getting there.  Right now I have to spend my energy cramming for a course and keeping the house clean.  The latter is a real pain in the ass.

Sleep would be nice.  I’m having trouble with that these days, laying in bed for hours before falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night.  I think i’ve got too much on my mind.  It’s small.  It can’t hold much.

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