Dirty Deeds… done dirt cheap

Good song, right?  I thought so, too.  Not the best title for today’s entry perhaps, but whatever.

So, what’s been happening in May, eh?  Oh, stomach flu, food poisoning, slo-pitch, general laziness.  The latter sure seems to come up a lot in my lfie.  For goodness’ sake, even when I make a spelling error i’m too lazy to fix it.

I should get over myself.  I mean, how many people out there have made goals and stuck to them?  Only all of you.  Except for me.  Not that i’m complaining here (well, maybe a little) but I seem to be missing a couple of ingredients.  Willpower.  Motivation.  Priorities.  Determination.  Consistency.  Ok, maybe a few more than a couple.  If I didn’t journal just for the sake of journalling, you wouldn’t have heard from me for over a month.  Now wouldn’t that be heartbreaking?!

I automatically have been waking up at 5:57 every morning.  My alarm goes off three minutes later, at 6am.  I have to be at work at 8am.  I’d like to say i’ve taken this extra time to go for a jog or do some kind of exercise, but I haven’t.  I’ve literally forced myself to stay in bed.

The moral of the story?  Isn’t it about time to wake the hell up?


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