Can you believe it?

What follows is a comprehensive list of all the excuses I could come up with in order to not have to jog for the past week.  Two weeks.  How long has it been?

If you’re not into hearing excuses from people, feel free to skip right on over to the next person’s entry.

– I have a chest cold.  Still.  It can politely excuse itself from my existence any time now.  At least i’m not sneezing as much and no one is in danger of being hit with any phlegm balls, but really?  It’s giving me a complex.  Seriously.

– I went on a road trip with the girls.  There was a lot of shopping, eating, walking and drinking.  No jogging.  It’s a ROAD TRIP, people!  The perfect excuse to not do ANYthing healthy whatsoever.  At least in my mind it is.  I took full advantage.

– Yard work.  Picking up pieces of garbage that had blown into my yard counts as a great excuse for not jogging.  Yes it does.

– I purchased a new(er) car.  It takes a lot out of a person.  It took the whole weekend out of me.

– Income Tax Season.  Nasty time of year.

– It was Professional Administrative Assistant Day on April 21.  Ok, maybe i’m pushing it a bit with that one.

– Um.  I ran out of toilet paper?

As you can see, there was no possible way to fit in even a little, miniscule, 2 minute jog.  No way.

The moral of the story?  Great achievement comes with great effort.  That’s supposed to be sarcastic.

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