Is totally not being summed up the way I was hoping at the beginning of the month.

I believe April will be a write-off.  Can I write off a whole month?  I’m going to, it has to be.  There’s no saving it now.

I got a case of the Stomach Flu, and it kicked my butt.  I have a wicked head cold and respiratory cough that threatens to knock me clean off my feet everytime I sneeze or cough.  I work for two hours and need to nap for three.  Every few minutes at work I hear “Bless You” or “Whoa”, because if I didn’t hold a kleenex in front of my face at all times, everyone and their kid would be smushed up against the wall in a thick layer of phlegm.  That’s gross.

Dristan and Neo-Citran and Advil and blah-de-blah blah blah are all helping to keep me unfocused and I don’t know if you can tell in this post, but i’m grumpy too.

Amusingly enough, the topper occurred when I was making myself pancakes yesterday for lunch and set off the fire alarm at home.  I couldn’t hear anything for four hours after that besides a loud buzzing in my ears.  And the pancakes sucked, even floating in syrup they sucked.

I don’t plan to jog until I feel a bit better.  Maybe by then April will be over with and i’ll be able to start the new month with a better attitude.  Gotta have bad times every so often… they make the good times much much better!

1 thought on “April

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    Hope you feel better and Happy Running!

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