I feel like some flu-like bug is having it’s way with me.  I have done nothing for the past two days except nurse a splitting headache and feel sorry for myself.  Due to the whole ‘self-pity’ thing, last night I even managed to eat a whole bucket full of soft ice cream, with oreo cookies.  Did I mention i’m slightly lactose-intolerant?  I feel a little nauseus this morning.

Tuesday was a bad day.  I was taking meds because of the whole headache thing, and suffice to say I did not get a whole lot of work done.  And I was hungry.  All day.  Some of my thoughts from that day:

“…And I’m tired.  And hungry.  So hungry, in fact, that I’ve been gnawing on the lid to my pen for the last hour to try and keep the damn pig from getting out of its cage.  Give me another half hour and I’ll break necks to get as close to the vending machine as possible.  I even already have the money safely tucked away in my pants pocket.  $3.  $3 should get me something good to eat.”

And I wonder why people think i’m crazy.

The weather has a lot to do with my mood.  I mean, if I didn’t have a migraine bringing me down, the weather would have anyways.  Rainy.  Cold.  Cloudy.  Miserable.  If it makes a difference, I plan on jogging after work today.  I plan on eating a great big muther of a chocolate bar, and then going for a jog with the dog.  And then crashing for the rest of the night.

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