Running Man

I haven’t been doing well lately with the jogging.  I think i’m on hiatus.  Which is really quite hilarious (not) because i’m leaving on holidays for two weeks and who knows how much jogging i’ll be able to get in with a family that will be going non-stop for the duration of my stay.  So I guess I wanted to get an early start on doing nothing.

I did jog on Wednesday, which was nice.  Well, rather it was more like a train wreck, but I felt good afterwards.  Yes, I digressed and couldn’t jog for as long as I had been, but i’m not about to overdo it again and decide to REALLY quit because I can’t move my legs.  That would be pretty silly of me.

So after I jogged at the gym on Wednesday, I headed out to do some late night car shopping.  As I was driving down a particular road I noticed a fellow jogging down the opposite side of the street.  I felt a strange urge to pull over and ask him about his running – how often, how long, etc.  I even almost did, but at the last moment decided he might think I was trying to stalk him or run him over and so I just kept on driving.  He looked like he was having a rough time of it, though, and I wondered if that is how I look when I get to the end of my jogging session and can barely pull it together even one second longer.  I was decidedly glad for him that he was on the opposite side of the street to allow for some ‘wiggle’ room since he seemed to be jumping all over the place.  Then I wondered if in fact he was actually drunk and not trying to jog at all.  Then I was very glad that I didn’t stop to talk.

Back to the gym tonight.  Hopefully will strangle out 20 minutes of jogging.

1 thought on “Running Man

  1. You are absolutely hysterical. I’m trying to start running myself–we can be like, “Keep running, you’re doing great!” partners or something. But really, you’re really hilarious. ❤ Oh, and sorry about your month of April. Hope it's better throughout May (and the other months of the year).

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