Go Now!

I’m feeling quite blegh this morning as I sit here eating my breakfast of yogurt, strawberries and almond granola.  I think it might be because I may have slightly pushed myself just a little bit too far yesterday.  It’s a definite possibility.

I stepped up the pace a bit during a 5 minute brisk walk, then decided to walk/jog to 3 miles, in intervals of 5 minute jogs and 1 minute walks.  This was fine for the first three intervals.  In the fourth interval, my right hip started to feel quite sore.  I managed to finish the 5 minute jog, but walked an extra minute afterwards.  The last interval was horribly, gaspingly done.  I jogged two minutes, walked one, jogged two, walked one, jogged one.

I know I didn’t handle the situation well.  I should have listened to what my body was saying and slowed down to a walk for the rest of the workout.  My hip is really bothering me today and I sure hope it goes away before gym tonight.  First of all, it’s been 7 days since i’ve jogged.  That’s too long for a newbie and I was gasping for breath far sooner than usual.  Secondly, who am I competing against besides myself?  I mean, really, do I have to out run myself each and every time I step onto the treadmill?  What will that prove?!


41 minutes, 25 jogging, 3.02 miles.

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